Vincent van Gogh’s most popular paintings, their motives and mood.

When the era of impressionism came to the end, artists with a new view to world appeared and became the subject of much controversy. In this article, there will be the most famous paintings which Vincent van Gogh created. We will pay attention to colors and manner of drawing in order to open the hidden motives of his works.

On the van Gogh’s canvas, there were ordinary objects, people and landscapes which became mediums of the painter’s intimate thoughts and feelings, they showed people his emotional state. Nature was spiritual on his works.

The sun looks like a lemon-orange disc which hovers above the bright red vineyards, shedding heat. The shadows and flecks on the water are blue so the sunlight became even brighter (“The Red Vineyards near Arles”, 1888). The sun looks like a gloriole above the seeder’s head. Its rays warm the earth which accepts the seeds (“The Sower”, 1888). Wheat is rippling in the fields, cypresses look like tongues of fire and skyrocket. In the sky, the clouds are curling above the mountains (“Wheat Field with Cypresses”, 1889).

Van Gogh’s painting correlates to the artworks of other painters who were post-impressionists too. For, example, Paul Cezanne and Paul Gauguin. The latter was Vincent’s friend, he mixed the reality with myth in his works, creating a new reality, which was straightforward and clear. If Van Gogh tried to escape and to hide in the south in Arles, Paul Cezanne never budged from another provincial town, Gauguin left Paris and went to Brittany and then to Haiti. Their manner of painting wasn’t the same but their works are in the list of world’s best art. Visit to look at the famous canvas and to feel the difference between impressionism and post-impressionism.

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