What does it mean to be healthy?

Health… a buzz word, a misconception, a moving target??? All maybe true. Health much like wellness, fitness, mindfulness, are all buzzwords these days. What we mean about this is they are thrown around in advertisements, marketing, and on certain other platforms.

What does it truly mean to be healthy? There are several ways we can look at this. First webster defines health as the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit. The World Health Organization defines health as the physical, mental, and social well-being not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. One of my mentor taught it is when your body is supposed to do something and it does it.

We look at three different viewpoint and look at our society and we see a huge disparity of health. The greater majority of our society sees health as an absence of symptoms and will do whatever is necessary to be rid of symptoms. The above paragraph does not say a word about symptoms. So why do we base health on symptoms in our society?

Symptoms are always the effect not the cause. Sometimes they are the effect of ill health and a lot of times they are the effect of your body doing exactly what it needs to do.

Chiropractic is wonderful is so many different aspects and one is that we as chiropractors have the opportunity to have a profound effect on the function of the human body via the nerve system. Our nerve system is the conduit in our body that controls function to the other cells, tissues, and organs. It allows health to be expressed or when interfered with it allows a decrease in function to be manifested.

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M is for Mindfulness

M is for MINDFULNESS. When you get adjusted you are more aware and mindful in your body and life. There is more to the phrase of mind body connection, it is more accurate to say brain body connection. Our nerve system is comprised of our brain, spinal cord and all of the spinal and cranial nerves. When unimpeded we can have a better functioning nerve system and hence more awareness in our body.

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Ear Infections

Recent studies have shown 4 out of 5 three year olds have been diagnosed with ear infections by the time they have their third birthday. The most common prescribed drug is antibiotics. Ear infections have three main causes. The first is a near-immune function being interrupted. This is where chiropractic can help a lot of these children restore proper nerve flow to the tiny ear muscles which help restore proper flow of fluid in and out of the ear canal.

The second cause is viral which antibiotics would not help in the first place. We have known since the 1980s that antibiotics do not help with ear infections yet they still are being prescribed at mass amounts for this condition.

The third and final is improper nutrition. Meals with grains, dairy, and sugar are often a huge culprit in children having ear infections. Consider going paleo with your children and see the change in their immune system.

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L is for Life Force

L is for LIFE FORCE. The chiropractic adjustment releases life force flow within the nerve system. Our nerve system is the conduit inside our body that conduct life force. Much like electricity is all around us, life force flows through our entire body. Electricity chooses wiring to be conducted through and life force chooses our nerve system to be conducted through.

Bruce Lipton say the function of the nerve system is to perceive our environment and coordinate the function of all other systems. Therefore, when we as chiropractors adjust subluxations to free life force our body functions better and we perceive our environment better.


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K is for Knowledge

K is for KNOWLEDGE. As a chiropractor, a part of our “job” is to instill true knowledge of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. It always amazes me how we as a society are so educated in a vast array of subjects yet not educated on anatomy and physiology of our body. Our body is the one and only vehicle that we go through life with and we feel it is of utmost importance to know as much as possible about it.

The word doctor first and foremost means teacher. This is something that we take very seriously at Serving Life Chiropractic. Make sure you stay aware of all the classes we give throughout your care with us.

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The Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend fever-reducing drugs. This is something that we have been saying for over 10 years. Fever is a powerful part of our immune response to bacteria. Think about it just for a few minutes…if bacteria are comfortable with regenerating at 98.6 and our body realizes this and increases the temperature to not only slow this process yet also kill off bacteria don’t you think this is a good thing. We must trust our body. Our bodies have more invested in us than any of us could ever comprehend.

AAP also does not recommend treating your child with fever-reducing drugs even in higher temperatures. As their website states: “fevers generally do not need to be treated with medication unless your child is uncomfortable or has a history of febrile convulsions. The fever may be important in helping your child fight the infection. If he is eating and sleeping well and has periods of playfulness, he probably doesn’t need any treatment.

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Days of Summer Dwindling

Don’t shoot the messenger… Teachers are gearing up and students are squeezing every last second out of summer.  This is a huge transition in a child’s life. Think about all they have to adapt to… waking up at a different time, eating different food, sitting a lot more, having different schedules during the day, more sitting, often times poor posture, and the list goes on.

As we like to say in chiropractic, posture is our “window” into the spine. Unfortunately these days poor posture and spinal health is very prevalent, in large part thanks to the frequent appearance of cell phones, iPads, computers, and TV in our kids lives!

Poor posture affects far more however than just how we look, it absolutely can affect how a kid functions and feels. With kids we aren’t worried so much about back and neck pain (although it certainly can occur), but if they have poor posture… that also means they don’t have optimum function of the nervous system. This can lead to fatigue and low energy, poor mood and behavior, and trouble with focus and concentration.

Much of our practice is filled with families who have their kiddos under regular care not to treat a condition or problem, but to ensure optimal health and function of their nervous system, immune system, and more! These families often report the following “side effects” to regular adjustments for their kids:

  • Improved sleep
  • Improved immune function, less sick days
  • Improved behavior and concentration
  • Improved grades

 That last paragraph is added in here to say nothing about us, but everything about how passionate we are now about not just helping kids who have readily apparent struggles and diagnoses, but also about helping kids who may just be running at 80% optimum function instead of 100%.

EVERY KID deserves to be at their best, and as parents isn’t that what we really want for them too!?! Chiropractic is an absolute hidden advantage to healthy, happy, and high performance kiddos of all ages!

Serving Life Chiropractic, Healthy kids healthy family

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J is for JOY


1. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying;keen pleasure; elation: She felt the joy of seeing her son’s success.

2. a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated:Her prose style is a pure joy.

3. the expression or display of glad feeling; festive gaiety.

4. a state of happiness or felicity.
When fully functioning and our body in its optimal state there is nothing except joy to emote. When you get adjusted life force is flowing through your nerve system unimpeded allowing function to be restore through your body, mind, and soul.
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I is for Intuition and Intelligence


noun 1. direct perception of truth, fact

Truth resides within us in our body. The availability to be in touch with that truth is present every moment yet often times we feel disconnected from it. Vertebral subluxations have many effects in our physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual being. One is a disconnect from the truth of life. The chiropractic adjustment allows connection to be restored and increase the availability to be in touch with life’s truth.


noun 1. capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude ingrasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc.
Intelligence is the organizing properties of living things. Intelligence sends out life force through the nerve system to coordinate proper function through every cell, tissue, and organ throughout our body. When integrity is present within the nerve system and proper flow of life force there is proper function. The chiropractic adjustment allow for this to happen.



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H is for Heart

Heart: the  center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or  emotion

The chiropractic adjustment allows one the opportunity to be totally connect and this allows us to lead our life from living through our heart. When we as human beings live from our heart there is nothing but true. We are more connected to life around us and the essence of what runs life.

Subluxations in our spine and nerve system impede that connection hence we have to spend more time and energy on the flow of life inside and out of our bodies.  The chiropractic adjustment restores flow to our body and life. Get adjusted today

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