Time to change the filter

It is no secret that in Durango the last few days we have had some windy days. With this early spring and gusty dirt flying around it is important to change the filter.

Most people change the filter in their car, office, furnace, and even in their fish tank if they have one, yet they do not remember or recognize to change the filter in their own body. During the shoulder seasons, fall and spring, it is a must to change the filter. We can do this with two easy actions done several times over a short period of time.

  1. Neti Pot – This is a irrigation device that helps to flush the sinuses and “change the filter.” Although extremely effective, this is a weird thing to do the first few times. Use a sea salt solution to help get the best results.
  2. Get checked by your chiropractor and adjusted if need be. Several of your nerves connect your brain with sinuses and your immune system. Your nerve system is a key component in cellular replacement which makes and regenerates every cell, tissue, and organ in your body including those tissues that act as a filter.
  3. I know I said two yet I couldn’t resist. Limit dairy and sugar. These both aid in clogging the sinuses and will decrease the ability to fight off the flying filth in our wind.

We want you to get out and experience the season of spring with the help of a clear filter.


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What do you strive for?




Strive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life is full of goals, ambitions, and intentions yet what are you striving for in your health and wellbeing? A lot of people have a certain shape, tone, or weight that comes to them when asked this question.

Health and wellbeing is much more than a shape, weight, or tone. When we are considering health and wellbeing one long word needs to come to our awareness…parasympathetic.

Our parasympathetic nerve system is in charge of resting, digesting, growing, developing, and healing. Now that resolutions are all in the rear view mirror, lets strive for a properly functioning parasympathetic nerve system.

The chiropractic adjustment can help empower this part of our nerve system to allow more and more ease in our life. The importance of this part of our nerve system is significant for numerous reasons. Some of those include:

  • Resting – our physical and emotional body needs to recuperation to create balance and harmony in our life.
  • Digesting – We are what we eat… there is so much more to this statement than what is initially seen. A more correct statement is, we are how we digest what we eat. If our body does not absorb the good nutrients that we spend our time and attention to buy in the amazing organic foods that we buy then we are merely through our money away.
  • Growing – Most adults do not realize that they too are growing from inside out through the condition of their nerve system. If our nerve system has a significant amount of interference to it, it expends more time and energy to perform a process called cellular replication. This cellular replication is how we as human beings grow from inside out.
  • Healing also abides through cellular replication. The proper replication is dependent on many different factors. One being the state of the nerve system and signal from brain to organ/gland/tissue.

For a lot of people, they are overdue to be checked by a chiropractor to determine how their nerve system is functioning. What if you could live your life just a fraction better, would you take the time and energy to invest in your health and wellbeing?


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Need Help

Years ago in a different practice that we were a part of an autistic boy would come in and repeat the phrase, “Need Help, Nick need help, Rachel need help,” and then he would lay down on the chiropractic table and get adjusted.

He was very dear to our hearts and how profound his statement was still rings home to us. We all “need help” in this journey of life. As much as we want to do it all ourselves or empower our inner being to just do it, we cannot do it all. Health and true wellness is one of the categories that we cannot do ourselves. Whether it is consulting with others on emotional aspects or experiencing the power of physical touch, we need others. After all there is no “I” in wellness yet there is a “We”.

We encourage you to ask for help today to help lighten the load of life. “Need help”

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How are you functioning?


The human body is quite possibly the best designed piece of equipment that has ever set foot in existence. In the American culture, we are taught a lot about what health is and is not. Some of this cultural hypnosis is valid and true while other parts is not. Health is an effect of how well we are functioning in life. Yet, how do we measure function throughout the body? One measurement that is used throughout the chiropractic profession is autonomic activity.

At Serving Life Chiropractic Studio, autonomic activity is measured through the pulse wave profiler scan. This measurement shows the function of the nerve system in a moment in time. It is important to remember that the chiropractic adjustment helps the body adapt and function more efficiently and there are other aspect that can help with the function of our body as well.

Movement is a keep ingredient in a healthy functioning body as well is rest. The harmony between movement and rest should be sought after, daily. Also important, is the relationship with thoughts and emotional events that a person is a part of in their life. Finally, what we surround ourselves with chemically is an important factor in keeping a healthy functioning body. This includes what we put into our body and what we are around as well.

Remember to get adjusted and to take your lifestyle into your own hands and make moment by moment healthy choices to impact your body and the function of your body to reach your highest possible expression of health.

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Power of Acknowledgement

This image (when viewed in full size, 1000 pix...

This image (when viewed in full size, 1000 pixels wide) contains 1 million pixels, each of a different color. The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors. Judd, Deane B. Wyszecki, Günter (1975). Color in Business, Science and Industry . Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics (3rd ed.). New York : Wiley-Interscience. p. 388. ISBN 0471452122. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We as human beings often do not acknowledge stress as if it will acknowledge something that is wrong with us or that we are lesser now that we have acknowledged it. This is not only an insecure attribute, it is also an unhealthy attribute.

Stress is just a part of our life. If we view as so, we give it less power. An important practice is to view stress as a spectrum most people ignore and repress the acknowledgement for 9/10 of the entire spectrum until the 1/10 comes along that we are entirely stressed out.  When this happens we hear comments of “I don’t know why I am crying all the time” or “I find myself losing my temper all the time.”

In serving our community, we find it very effective to take inventory of our stress load and the stresses in our life throughout the entire spectrum.  This allows us to manage our life rather than have our life manage us.

Whether we like it or not we have power over our life. Make it great!

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Ask for what you want

At the talk last week, entitled Best Year Yet, one of the subjects that we brought up was “Ask for what you want.” I told a story of how I stretched myself in asking for what I wanted with taking Noah to his first NBA basketball game. The short version of the story is that I have a friend who is the wife of one of the Nugget’s coaches and I contacted her to see if he could meet a coach or player. She organized an opportunity before the game where we would meet several players and several coaches and be on the court before the game for shoot around.

Here is a photo of Noah with gifts from Jusuf Nurkic. All three of us had an amazing time and one that exceeded what we asked for in a big way. Noah ended up with a hat from the director of player personnel, a shirt from the crazy shirt guy who pumped up the crowd, and a pair of size 17 shoes from Jusuf Nurkic. Jusuf, also, asked for Noah’s autograph and shared a warmup water break with him on the bench.

Let this be a lesson for us all. I could of asked for seats or not asked for anything at all. Yet, I didn’t. We asked for an experience and through my friend Melissa she helped get an amazing experience for an amazing little boy.

Lesson: Ask for what you want in life. Go Nuggets you are a class act organization top to bottom




Serving Life Chiropractic – Durango, CO

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Making Time

Pocket watch, savonette-type. Italiano: Orolog...

Pocket watch, savonette-type. Italiano: Orologio da taschino (cipolla). Español: Reloj de bolsillo. ગુજરાતી: ખિસ્સામાં રાખવાની ઘડિયાળ. עברית: שעון כיס. Македонски: Џебен часовник 日本語: 懐中時計. Polski: Zegarek kieszonkowy. Português: Relógio de bolso. Русский: Карманные часы. Slovenščina: Vreckové hodinky. Slovenščina: Žepno uro so izumili leta 1510 v Nemčiji. Suomi: Taskukello. ไทย: นาฬิกาพก. 中文: 怀表. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What time is it? Do you have time? The answer for these two questions always has one true answer. Now is the time and we do have time.

I was listening to a blog by Robin Shurma recently and he said that we are either making time for illness or making time for health. So which is it? What are you making time for in your life?

I will take it a step further to explain this statement by Robin. First off, we have time. It is how we prioritize our time that really matters. We are given 24 hours every day, 365 or 366 days a year… Sure we may have to give up something to experience other things yet we have the time.

If we take the time to shop for organic, non GMO, whole foods we are prioritizing our nutrition. If we are eating fast food, processed food, fake synthetic crap we are not prioritizing our nutrition.

If we take the time to move our body by lifting weights, walking, running, or doing cals then we are prioritizing our fitness. If we are sedentary in our seats, on our couch, or in our lives we are prioritizing stagnation.

If we take the time to get checked by a chiropractor and adjusted if needed we are prioritizing our health. If we do not go to the chiropractor then we are prioritizing something something less than health.

We at Serving Life Chiropractic are here for our community to live and be the best that we can be.

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Renew for the new year – Cellular Replacement

English: Complete neuron cell diagram. Neurons...

English: Complete neuron cell diagram. Neurons (also known as neurones and nerve cells) are electrically excitable cells in the nervous system that process and transmit information. In vertebrate animals, neurons are the core components of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our bodies abide by a natural law of cellular replacement. This law is how our body regenerates itself cell by cell. Much like if we fall and scrape our arm, those injured old cells slough off and new healthy cells are put in their place. What is in control of this powerful attribute in our body?

The power of cellular replacement depends on how clear our nerve system is functioning. 50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence. 15 million blood cells are destroyed in the human body every second. Every year about 98% of the atoms in your body are replaced. This all is a part of health and proper functioning. Human cells divide continually and different cell types divide at different rates. Old cells are not “healed”, new healthy ones are simply created by the intelligence that runs your body. Chiropractic allows for the normal, natural creation of new tissue by keeping your nerve system free.


Serving Life Chiropractic Durango, CO

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Give the gift of health

Holidays are full of family, friends, and fun. Often times, our healthy lifestyle takes a hiatus and we indulge for several weeks into treats, go go go, and obligations.

During the holidays we at Serving Life encourage you to give yourself and your family the gift of health. Take inventory of the five aspects of health: nutrition, movement, rest, positive mental attitude, and nerve system health. All are key components in creating the most health in your life.

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Getting to know your body

How well do you know your body? How well do you interpret the communication that you receive from it? Is it health related or sickness related?

This all boils down to awareness and how connected you are with yourself. Sometimes there is a very thin line of communication of health versus communication of sickness through the language of symptoms. How can we connect to our body more throughout our life?

  1. Take the time – Devote time to feeling more in your body. Give time and space throughout our “busy” schedule to acknowledge and bring awareness of the only vehicle we have in life called our body.
  2. Breath – Breathing brings awareness and creates more connection in our body.
  3. Journal – Reflecting on our daily experience can be beyond profound for bringing awareness in our body.
  4. Get adjusted – Clearing the nerve system which is the master control system is vital to a brain – body connection.

Get to know your body better than you have ever known it. This can lead to ease, flow, health, and vitality in your life.

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