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Art of Healing

The spiritual aspect of healing is essential to the healing process. 
The experiences we have in life create opportunities to sharpen our ability to be conscious, whether we are falling while skiing, integrating a diagnosis of cancer or transitioning from this life to the next. What if we did not view ourselves as victims of our bodies? What if “things” did not just happen to us? What if our experiences in life were a function of our perceptions of our environment and how we relate to it? Our perceptions of what is stressful can create tension in the body, disconnecting us from our essence, our life force, the invisible recuperative powers of the body. If we clarify our perceptions, we can, in the reconnection, gain wisdom for the body, mind and soul to heal.
This life is a journey. Continue reading

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You are not alone and life is not permanent

Dear Noah, There always is a pulse to life. As we are present in the here and now of that pulse. It is evident that there is an overwhelming sense of stress in people’s lives. Having the honor to serve … Continue reading

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Remember to always play

Dear Noah, Last week, I had the honor to go to the park with 8 other grown men. We had one objective in mind… to play. We played with no agenda at all. I acknowledge that this is an ease … Continue reading

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