Can you hear me now?

Hello? Hello? Hellllllloooooooo? Can you hear me? Can you hear me now? We all have

Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволюция мобил...

Mobile phone evolution Русский: Эволюция мобильных телефонов (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

been in this more than frustrating situation. Hear you are on a phone call and all of a sudden you can hear the person on the other “line” but they can’t hear you. This is a pretty worthless communication exchange.

A spine that is subluxated is demonstrating this lack of optimal communication as well. The message from brain to body is inferior than optimal and hence part of your body cannot hear the message that your brain is intending. The result is less than life expression, decrease function, decrease health, dis-ease, and quite possibly symptoms, sickness, and disease.

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