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The Brain and Nerve System talk a lot

In Durango, at Serving Life Chiropractic Studio, we talk a lot about the nerve system and its importance in how the body functions and how health is created. One of the many functions our brain and nerve system control and … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be healthy?

Health… a buzz word, a misconception, a moving target??? All maybe true. Health much like wellness, fitness, mindfulness, are all buzzwords these days. What we mean about this is they are thrown around in advertisements, marketing, and on certain other … Continue reading

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Days of Summer Dwindling

Don’t shoot the messenger… Teachers are gearing up and students are squeezing every last second out of summer.  This is a huge transition in a child’s life. Think about all they have to adapt to… waking up at a different … Continue reading

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I is for Intuition and Intelligence

in·tu·i·tion noun 1. direct perception of truth, fact Truth resides within us in our body. The availability to be in touch with that truth is present every moment yet often times we feel disconnected from it. Vertebral subluxations have many effects in our physical, mental, emotional, … Continue reading

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H is for Heart

Heart: the  center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or  emotion The chiropractic adjustment allows one the opportunity to be totally connect and this allows us to lead our life from living through our heart. When we as human beings live from our heart there is … Continue reading

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G is for Growth

growth noun 1. the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase Live is full of growth. In fact, either we grow or we start the dying process. Chiropractic is about growth in all facets. Physically, we as human beings grow through a process of cellular replacement. In this process, every … Continue reading

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F is for Function

  func·tion noun 1. the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, orinstitution; the purpose for which something is designed orexists; role. Chiropractic care is about functioning at your best from the inside out. When there is interference in your nerve system our body does not function at its best. Locating the areas in your spine where there are subluxations … Continue reading

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D is for

di·verse adjective 1. of a different kind, form, character, etc.; unlike: a wide range of diverse opinions. 2. of various kinds or forms; multiform. D is for Diverse. Chiropractic is diverse. It is a different “kind” of health, it is true health from the inside out where the human body guides the chiropractor on what to do and when to do … Continue reading

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C is for Connection

con·nec·tion   1. the act or state of connecting. 2. the state of being connected: the connection between cause and effect. 3. anything that connects; connecting part; link; bond: an electrical connection. 4. association; relationship: the connection between crime and poverty; 5. a circle of friends or associates or a member of such a circle. Chiropractic is connecting you to You. When we have interference in our Nerve System the life force flowing through our nerve system is impeding on the connection of brain … Continue reading

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A is for Agility

a·gil·i·ty   [uh-jil-i-tee]   noun 1. the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness: exercises demanding agility. 2. the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly; intellectual acuity. Movement requires power and power in our body resides in our nerve system. A a chiropractor this is the unique essence in the human body that I deal with. The chiropractic adjustment releases interference in our … Continue reading

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