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Days of Summer Dwindling

Don’t shoot the messenger… Teachers are gearing up and students are squeezing every last second out of summer.  This is a huge transition in a child’s life. Think about all they have to adapt to… waking up at a different … Continue reading

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F is for Function

  func·tion noun 1. the kind of action or activity proper to a person, thing, orinstitution; the purpose for which something is designed orexists; role. Chiropractic care is about functioning at your best from the inside out. When there is interference in your nerve system our body does not function at its best. Locating the areas in your spine where there are subluxations … Continue reading

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Loss of a loved one

It has been years since I have had a loved one pass on. Recently, our family has had just this… a loved one pass. Diego for us was more than a dog, he was more like a first born child. … Continue reading

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Health Tip

I saw this today from one of the people that we adjust. I do not know the author yet it is as true as true can be. 1. God put the most powerful healing force in the brain and spinal … Continue reading

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