body, mind, & soul

Your experience at Serving Life Chiropractic will be one that is dealt with viewing your whole being. This encompasses Body, Mind, and Soul. Chiropractic Care is all about wholeness in your being and allowing your connection to your true self become evident in your life.


The human body is a temple that we have the privilege to make this life journey in. Through learning how special your body is and gaining respect and gratitude for the magnificent shell that houses your experience of life, you will find ways to work with your body rather than against it. Your body is a big loud speaker for how you live life and have lived life in the past. Every experience in our life is either integrated peacefully into our being or lays dormant as stored energy waiting to be integrated. Through the adjustment process we will help you release this stored energy to become kinetic or energy of movement again therefore enabling your body to work at its inborn potential.


Your mind is a powerful aspect of your being. Our minds can either work for us or against us in life. Take time right now and think about what you are feeding your being. What are you feeding your mind? What are you telling yourself on a consistent basis? Is this a message of life, growth, and higher vibration or is it of dis-ease, struggle, or lower vibration? We have all heard that thoughts are things and what we think about comes about yet let’s take this to another level: where our concentration goes, energy flows, and manifests in physical form. This means aspects in our life that we think about send energy into our life or body and hence manifests in our life or body. At Serving Life Chiropractic Studio, we help you become accountable for your thoughts and help you use your mind to allow for your dreams to manifest.


Man is a soul, activated by spirit, operating through the medium of our nerve system. As a soul you are a conscious chooser in every aspect of your life. At Serving Life Chiropractic Studio, we recognize that people are inherently creative beings and that creativity depends upon our soul’s power of choice.

We define creativity as the process of consciously choosing exactly how we will participate in the God-given abundance available to all. We choose how much money we make, who we spend our time with, whether we will create health or disease in our bodies, and which emotions we will give energy to. In fact, we choose almost our entire life experience.

We recognize that the results of some choices take longer to manifest than others, yet all choices contribute to the totality of our life experience. Decisions we make today affect not only who we are now, but also who we will become five, ten, twenty, and even fifty years from now. Every time that you get adjusted at Serving Life Chiropractic Studio you are making an investment in your life and putting life in your life. At the studio, we will empower you to make wise choices for your being therefore you will take action steps that increase your life expression.

Through dealing with your entire being; body, mind, and soul you will have the opportunity to make significant shifts in your life and the life of your loved ones.