3 Things to Check While Choosing a Reliable Broker

In this article, we’ve collected the factors which influence your choice. Look at them before start earning money with one or another broker. If you’re aware of the details, you’ll never lose money and time.

If you can’t choose the right broker, we’ll help you. Look at the following things and check whether you did something or not.

  1. You’ve checked the service fees

Depending on the preferable investments, the amount of service fees varies. For example, if you decided to invest in shares, the fee may be from 5 to 10% for every share. Some brokers also ask to pay an additional fee for every share. Speaking about warrant certificates, one usually should pay a service fee for shares, and also for a contract. An average fee is about $0,15-1,5.

  1. You’ve refused of additional services

Some brokers make you pay for additional services, not only for an account maintenance and money transactions. That’s why we recommend getting rid of paying for annual and inactivity fees, extra charges for bill brokerage, payments for platform usage, and additional fees for researches and data.

  1. You’ve chosen a broker not because of the ads

Remember that sales and special offers will end and you’ll continue using the service after that. That’s why we recommend choosing a broker not because there’s an offer to use their service for free during the first month, but because of the objective advantages. But this method will work if you choose between to similar variants.

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