Mix Bitcoin Cash with Bestmixer

Whatever cryptocurrency you earn it’s very important to save anonymity and to stay protected from government and cybercriminals threats. The personal data can become available for everyone after the one fill in the recipient’s address. Bestmixer helps to break any dangerous connections. In this article we’ll show its features.

What is the principle of operating?

Bestmixer is a simple service which provides users with data security. It’s very easy to use: press the “Start Mixing!” button, click on the Bitcoin Cash, fill in the recipient’s address, and choose the cryptocurrency fund and the transaction delay time. After that, the coins will be mixed with other random currency in the fund.

Depending on the pool type there are three options: to mix currency with other clients’ coins, both with clients’ and investors’ money or only with investments. The pools are called “Alpha”, “Beta” and “Gamma”. Eth mixer

How much does Bestmixer cost?

There are 4 main factors influencing the total fees: the type of currency, the amount of it, the pool and the cryptocurrency network occupancy. Today we’ll clarify the prices for Bitcoin Cash. The minimum fee for all currency types is 0,5% but it can be changed. For example, if you mix 60 Bicoin Cash coins there’ll be a 40% discount and the minimum service fee – 0,3%. The maximum payment is 0.0000029 BCH.

Are there other types of cryptocurrency?

Bestmixer offers three options: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The developers are going to add Ethereum too.

All in all, Bestmixer is a good service for everyone who is responsible for the money. It’s a good option for preventing problems with government and companies which make researches.

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