What are push notifications and how to install them on your site?

Initially, push notifications were notifications from various applications on smartphones and tablets, which appeared directly on the screen. But more recently, the technology of push-notifications is actively used on websites.

Push notifications and their use

You probably already saw pop-up windows on many websites that appear in the upper left corner and ask you to allow sending you notifications. The window appears during the first visit to the site and will pursue you until you subscribe to notifications or refuse them.

What happens if you subscribe to notifications? If the resource is interesting to you, then you can safely subscribe and receive the most recent and important information from it. There are rules for sending push notifications, according to which resources should send such messages to their subscribers no more than 1–3 times per day (the most important top news for news resources) or less often (every few days) for sites that deal with sales.

These notifications look quite harmless – these are pop-ups with a notification header and a small image at the bottom of the screen on the right. You can click on it and go to the appropriate page of the site or just close this window.

When and how often to send push notifications

It is better to choose the time of the notification distribution based on the analysis of the peaks of visitor activity on your site. Thus, you can achieve the maximum result from the newsletters.

You can analyze the traffic of the site during the day, using the services of search engines such as Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics.

Sending push notifications through the advertising Push notifications network is a promising direction in marketing, which is rapidly gaining popularity.

According to statistics, the conversion of user subscriptions to push is almost 30 times higher than for other types of mailings. And in combination with E-mail and SMS-mailings pushes can provide the maximum coverage of your target audience. Using the push service can help your website be more effective. Such platforms allow you to combine these three types of mailing and with the help of automation save your time and increase conversions.

However, when deciding to use push notifications, it is worth noting that some visitors to the site will perceive a pop-up window as a threat to the security of the computer and their personal data. Moreover, many people may perceive this type of notification as spam. Therefore, before deciding to use this kind of marketing, make sure that it suits you.

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