family wellness

Family Wellness

A family that gets adjusted together, grows together.

Have you ever wondered...

Why when one member of the family expresses a “cold” or the “flu” that it passes through the family?


Why women who spend a lot of time together will start to have their menstrual cycle at the same time?


Why when you have a wonderful experience, you go home to share the stories of that experience with your family and they don't understand, can't relate, or maybe they are not interested?

Life is all a vibration, frequency, and tone expressed through matter. As families, we have our individual rhythms along with a dominant family rhythm (which) allows us to be in sync with one another. Healing will occur through a family who is all on the same vibrational page. A family unit who is having their nerve systems cleared regularly through chiropractic adjustments is increasing their vibration, frequency, and tone. Thereby, experiencing optimum life expression as a family unit.

Think what a difference we could make as a community of families functioning at their best. It's bigger than we know!

We look forward to serving you and your family the exceptional chiropractic experience.