4 main women’s mistakes in relationships

After a break, there is nothing in the world could save a woman from asking herself what has gone wrong this time. In this article, we will name for main mistakes that lead to relation’s disaster.

The tendency to choose the same type of men

Most of our disasters in relations are caused by our tendency to pick the wrong man. To avoid this issue, you should take a look at your past to find the answers to the following questions.

  • What your first boyfriend was like?
  • Why had you broken up?
  • Is there something in your new boyfriend reminds you your former big love?


Sex is crucially important part of any healthy relations. It is the only way that allows you to establish close emotional contact with your man. So, you should be sexually attracted to your man from the beginning of your relations. Don’t wait for a desire if there no spark at the beginning you won’t receive it later. It is better to take these matters under control. For example, you may use generic female Viagra to provoke your sexual arousal. It may seem funny but men are very fragile in this kind of questions. Constant refuses may destroy their self-esteem and could force them to look for another partner.

The intention to change your loved one

The attempts to change your boyfriend will always lead to problems in relations. You won’t succeed in it and your relations will be ruined. So, it is better to carefully assess your partner at the start of your relations. Consider anything that could signal about unwanted traits of your future partner.

For example, some girls like bad boys. But if he is rude to his parents and close ones you shouldn’t expect him to behave differently with you.

The contradictions in your long-term goals

The psychologists suggest anyone who is about to get in the new relationship to think carefully about aim that is pursued.

There is no right answer to it but you should be aware of your man is not sharing your point of view. And the only way to find out it is an honest dialogue.

By the way, the readiness for dialogue by itself may tell you a lot about your boyfriend. If he is not ready to honestly reveal his aims he is probably not ready for serious relations. Then what is the point in wasting time on him?

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