Family Vacation Isn’t Time for Illnesses

Summer is a period of travel. If you decided to go on vacation with your family, you should think about lots of things. One of them is a family’s health and security. As nobody wants to be ill during vacation, there’s a need for creating a first aid kit for all the members. Family Pharmacy knows how to choose the necessary medications and send them to you fast.

What should first aid kit consist of?

People are divided into three types: the first type puts only a sticking plaster, and the second one collects all existing tablets. You can become the third type by reading this article and to create a balanced kit of medications. So which things are the most important to take with?

  • Bandage. It includes swathe, cotton balls, sponge pads, an elastic bandage. They’ll help with injuries, grazes, and ricks.
  • Pain medication. These pills will help in many cases: headaches, stomachaches, toothaches. They are common for any traveling as you eat new food, drink unfamiliar water, and do a lot of activities.
  • Fever-reducing pills. They should be put in a kit too. Until you understand the reasons for your child’s fever and find a doctor in an unfamiliar place, these pills will give you this time.
  • Antispasmodic drugs (learn more). They are good especially for head and stomach when vessels are strained or abdominal cavity organs are in spasm.
  • Antiseptic drug. It’s a must for putting in a kit. CHX, hydrogen peroxide or anything you like will help not only for injuries. It’s a useful thing to sterilize any surface.
  • Remedies for ARVI. Nasal drops, lozenge, and interferon will reduce the pain and help to breathe.
  • Antihistamine. Unfamiliar fruits and unusual food combination may lead to allergies. Stay protected from them.
  • Sorbents will help to reduce from toxins.
  • Sunscreen. This is a must especially if you go to a warm country. Choose the variant with a high level of SPF protection. 50 SPF is a variant for those who become red very soon.

How much does the first aid kit for vacation cost?

The prices depend on the place you buy drugs in. We recommend choosing online pharmacies, for example, On this website, one will find everything for the whole family. So, let’s take a look at the prices. Let’s look at remedies for allergy. They may be very expensive so which price is represented here? Claritin with a 10 mg dosage costs $0.69 per pill. Take a note that there’s a discount and the real price is $1.26. One more problem on vacation – diuretics. There’s a variant with a 78% discount. Aldactone with a dosage 25 mg costs $0.37 per a tablet. We won’t take into account all pills because they’re chosen individually. But, as you can see, this shop offers very low prices.

What are the prices for shipping?

As it’s an online pharmacy, clients should pay for the shipping. However, this store was created for families. And as a result, they made a free shipping on all orders which cost at least $150. Doesn’t matter where you live, your medications will be delivered for free. Also, if you want to make an order before going on a vacation, don’t be afraid of being late. There’s an extra shipping so your family will be ready for traveling in 2-3 days.

What’s more in this shop?

Except for remedies for the first aid kit, there are “more serious” options. Anti-depressants, asthma drugs, birth control pills, and even tablets for ED are there. So if a member of your family has some specific problem, there’ll be a solution for you.

What are the advantages of this pharmacy?

  • The shipping is worldwide;
  • There is a 10% discount on every order, so the total price for the first aid kit is even lower;
  • The drugs are of high-quality as the shop is working directly with manufacturers for 15 years;
  • If you order ED drugs, they’ll sell more pills for free;
  • “Serious” medications are sold only after sending a copy of a doctor’s prescription;
  • There are positive reviews on the website which prove it’s a reliable variant;
  • One can buy everything in one place, it saves much time which can be spent on traveling preparation.

If your trip is very soon, you still have time to make an order. Good medical supplies which are reasonably put in the first aid kit will provide all your loved ones with well-being.

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