Confide the Renovation toInteriorseye – A Service with Interior Ideas

Today we’ll speak about the service for everyone who wants to change the way the house looks. The mentioned website collects the photos of different places and helps to buy the same furniture. Do you want to get this bedroom from an Instagram photo? Read this article to know how!

If you can’t decide how your flat or house should look like after renovation, we’ve found a solution. Interiorseye is your personal interior stylist which can create a room for your preferences and demands absolutely for free. Let’s see how.

Find a suitable style

First of all, look through the 14 available styles and make a decision which one is the best for you. Modern, art deco, classic or rustic is up to you.

Select the materials

After that, think about the materials which are 45 on the list. Do you like when there’s much wood, or maybe your choice is to make everything steel?

The room for renovation

On this website, there are 23 variants of rooms. So find the one you need to change and set it in the filter.

Outside or inside

One more detail – indoor or outdoor design. Hopefully, there are options for both of them.

The way it works

When all the choices are made, the service will offer you some photos with designs. In the photos, there’s furniture and accessories with price tags. On the right, you’ll see the things which can replace the represented ones. Choose the best from them, check the prices and make an order from Amazon. Tada! The design is chosen. Now you just have to find wallpaper and other home decoration materials.

So, using Interiorseye you save money and time as you don’t pay a stylist and make everything in a few clicks.

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