stages of care


Clear the Rubble: During the initial phase, your program is designed to clear deeply set patterns and habits of neural stress. The goal of care is to intensively clear the deepest patterns and gain momentum, which facilitates rapid change.

The clearing phase is a necessary step to create foundation for the building phase. Before we build anything we must ensure a proper foundation. The clearing phase does this in our nerve system. Stored energy is created in the spinal system by the exposure to daily chemical, emotional and physical stress. The adjustment is the principle focus in all stages of care and there will be other action steps for you to take in facilitating your healing process. Several adjustments over a short period of time help facilitate the clearing of the habitual neural stress that has become evident in our past.


Build the Structure: Once we have cleared the deeply set patterns of neural stress our body is able to rebuild itself cell by cell through a process of cellular replacement. When we fall and scratch our skin our skin cells are injured. These injured cells do not repair themselves. They are replaced with brand new healthy cells. This process is cellular replacement and our internal organs, muscles, and tissues regenerate themselves in the same way, cell by cell. We build our being cell by cell though clarity in our nerve system.

This phase is where we continue on your care plan with the adjustment process and now adding in more good things into your life. Now it is up to you to begin adding in lifestyle habits that serve your life. Beginning a more rigorous exercise routine and adding in movement such as yoga for lengthening the spine and opening your being. Beginning to have a greater awareness of what you are eating and drinking is key. Remember, if you want to feel more alive, eat more live foods such as fruits and vegetables. How are you managing mental/emotional stress in your life? Creating some awareness around how you are responding to the daily stresses of family, work and relationships in your life has an enormous effect on your health.


Beautify the Building: This is now your time to choose chiropractic care versus “needing” it! Our body is now operating out of choice rather than need. With this choice, we are choosing more life, more energy, and more vitality in our life and also to clear daily stress on a consistent basis. During this phase of care we continue taking steps forward in experiencing our life potential. With the choice of chiropractic in your life you are choosing to grow and evolve in your being. Usually this growth is evident in children, recognizing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth is easy. Also as adults we are continuing to grow. Continued clarity in our nerve system ensures growth is functioning in our adult being at its in born potential.