Get to Know Air Compressors: Where are They Used and How They Differ

Today there is a massive variety of compressing technologies, the development of which is inevitable due to the industry growth and its higher demands. Which types of compressors are in demand now? Click to find out here.

Nowadays there are almost no spheres in the modern industry where compressors are not used. The production volume does not matter – there are machines of different capacities and you just choose the model that better suits your needs.

What purpose do air compressors serve?

The main goal of air compressor facilities is producing pressurized gas or air, that is later used as driving force or for other purposes.

What are the spheres where air compressors are used?

These compressors are actually the most widespread. They are used in woodworking, cosmetics, medicine, oil refinery and a number of other industries. Their popularity is based on the affordable cost and simplicity of service and repair.

The types of air compressors

If the best quality of compressed air is in requirement and no impurities are allowed, the oil-free machine will be the wisest choice. They are usually used in the furniture industry and machine building. However, they have quite a low capacity (~1,5 kWh).

In the case you need something other than that, the oil compressors are your best option, because they’re not expensive and last much longer than oil-less ones.

If you’re looking for something in particular, such as the quietest 60-gallon air compressor, there are many services on the Web that may be of help. Study the options closely to choose the machine that will be the most efficient according to your goals.

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