ILIFE A4 – Best Vacuum Robot for Carpet and Hardwood Floor

Nowadays, many companies manufacture the trending robot vacuums and every company claims theirs are the best. Nonetheless, the ILIFE company builds its reputation gradually and is already trusted by many people. They have managed to release a few best-sellers which are efficient, smart, and completely worth the price.
Today, we’ll talk about ILIFE A4 – best vacuum robot for carpet and hardwood floor. The brand is totally focused on manufacturing goods in the middle range price category. So, what is so special about this model and why is it worth your attention?
Firstly, it’s a pretty simple cleaner. You can easily set it up without any special knowledge or expert’s help. You just turn it on and using the remote control change the settings according to your taste. In case you find something confusing, just look at the user’s manual and you’ll probably find the answer you need. If not, reach out to their support team and they’ll happily assist you. Customer’s support is like a company’s special feature because they are always ready to answer the questions and fix any problem.
ILIFE A4 is wonderful if you are in search of a functional and an attractive vacuum. A simple but very stylish design is very appealing. Aside from visually pleasing appearance, the adequate size makes it possible to reach all the tough spots.
The performance level is one of the key factors to consider. ILIFE A4 is pretty fast and can cover more space in less time but, on the other hand, it can miss some spots. The battery allows it to work non-stop for three hours (which is a lot)!
Despite the compact size, it can hold more dirt than the previous models. It’s impressive how it feels the moment it touches the carpet or returns to the bare floor. You can also see how it turns on deep cleaning and slow down a bit to achieve a better result. Moreover, ILIFE A4 is extremely quiet and does not bother you.
A good point to keep in mind is choosing a proper place for the dock station. If there are obstacles on its way, the robot vacuum won’t reach it and recharge.
The bottom line is that ILIFE A4 is the best for hardwood floor and carpets in its price range. This is a durable, efficient and reasonably-priced robot which helps you keep your home clean.

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