triune of life

The Triune of Life is the cornerstone of chiropractic philosophy. It consists of Intelligence, Matter and Force. Our major premise is that there is Universal Intelligence in all matter, constantly giving to it all of its properties and activities, thus maintaining it in existence. The triune explains the connection between the immaterial and the material, the connection between the tangible and intangible.


The purpose of Intelligence is to organize and maintain organization. Organization is the manifestation of intelligence and intelligence is the sole cause of organization. Look at the atom for example. It is the smallest and least complex particle of matter. The atom consists of tiny electrical components. In the atom’s nucleus there are positively charged protons and neutrons which have no charge. Orbiting the nucleus are electrons. The organization of these electrons is what makes each atom unique and this is created and maintained by Universal Intelligence. This organization of universal matter is what prevents it from becoming one big atomic explosion. Universal Intelligence then is the cause of the organizing state of the universe and is the sole creator of matter.

Universal Intelligence maintains in existence all matter, whether living or not. The inborn wisdom of living things, maintaining its parts in active organization for the purpose of organization, is called Innate Intelligence. Living matter exhibits certain basic manifestations called the “signs of life” these are Assimilation, Excretion, Adaptability, Growth, and Reproduction. Each of the signs of life are the result of organization. Living matter has a higher degree of organization, intelligence and the ability to reorganize intelligently in order to adapt to an ever-changing environment to survive. The inborn or Innate Intelligence is the organizing intelligence in living things. It organizes and coordinates 250 glands in the body, dozens of organs, hundreds of muscles, thousands of miles of blood vessels, and countless trillions of cells. It never sleeps and can never be injured. It is always present 100 percent in every living thing from the most complex down to the simplest unicellular particle of life.


The tangible basis for life is Matter. Life is defined by chiropractic as the expression of intelligence through matter. All matter therefore expresses intelligence. Matter is defined chemically as anything which has weight and occupies space. The matter, or material substance, of the body is the form through which Innate Intelligence expresses itself. It is the second component of the Triune of Life.


In order for there to be life there must be matter and intelligence and a link to unite them and this is Force. In physics, force is called energy and can be broken into potential or kinetic energy. Kinetic is energy in motion where potential is energy being stored. The living body is a storage house of potential energy. We are a complex organization of atoms and molecules and a laboratory of chemical reactions that are constantly converting potential energy into kinetic energy. Innate forces are forces arranged by Innate Intelligence for use within the body. The principle of the chiropractic adjustment is to intentionally introduce a specific, limited, external invasive force to the spine. This meets with the internal resistive force of the body, and the resultant concussion of forces is used within the body by Innate Intelligence to correct vertebral subluxation. Mental forces are those innate forces which are generated in the brain and travel through the nerves to all parts of the body. We call them mental impulses and they are an electrochemical phenomenon. Chiropractic addresses interference to the neural transmission of these mental impulses or life force. The innate forces generated within the body are always 100 percent, since they are result of perfect intelligence. They fail only when their transmission is blocked.

The word “function” means purpose. The purpose of intelligence, matter and force are their function.

The function of intelligence is to create force.
The function of force is to unite intelligence and matter.
The function of matter is to express force.

Chiropractic is concerned with the degree of the expression of Innate Intelligence through matter.