The effect of antibiotics on the body

The first and most important thing to remember: antibiotics do not help with ARVI – the most common of colds. They are effective only for bacterial infections. Therefore, you must first make a diagnosis, then start treatment.
Antibiotics have many side effects. They can affect the work of almost all internal organs. These drugs disrupt the work of the gastrointestinal tract, destroy the microflora, kill useful bacteria.
In people with an individual intolerance to antibiotics, the effect of their administration may be unpredictable.
The body can respond to taking antibiotics for allergies: redness of the skin, itching, swelling, choking.
When poisoning with antibiotics, the work of the vestibular apparatus is disrupted, and the blood vessel cells are destroyed. If you are sensitive to drugs be attentive with amoxil australia.
This list of only the most frequent reactions, each organism can respond in its own way to antibiotic treatment. Therefore, take these drugs only as prescribed by the doctor, before starting treatment, study the instructions and in no case combine antibiotics with alcoholic beverages.
The effect of antibiotics on the body of a pregnant woman
Immunity of a pregnant woman is weakened, and therefore sometimes one has to treat the disease with antibiotics. Such treatment should be strictly under the supervision of a doctor. The fetus is most vulnerable in the first trimester when internal organs and the body are formed.
With proper medication, the baby will not suffer and will be physically healthy. The only thing, a newborn baby can be weakened immunity, and accordingly, the body is prone to the development of various diseases.
Drugs and Alcohol
Some patients consider the simultaneous use of drugs and alcoholic beverages. But even one such joint reception can do more harm than regular consumption of alcohol. The result of joint drug and alcohol intake can be the death of nerve cells in the brain, poisoning, severe allergies, intoxication of organs and the development of oncological diseases of the liver and kidneys.
In order for medications to be useful in the treatment of a disease, one should consult a doctor and not self-medicate. Many drugs are sold without a prescription and, at first, glance, look innocuous. But their incorrect or joint application can harm the body. Negative consequences may not manifest immediately, but after a few hours, days, months and even years. After all, their concentration in the body increases. Sometimes the harm from a medicine can be much more than good.

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